Q&A with October’s Sharpeshooter winner Juan P. (AoU nickname: bebepillon)

How long have you been trading?

“It’s kind of crazy, I just started trading in June. I had gotten laid off and while looking for a new job, I decided to try to make some extra money trading. I did lots of research on different platforms to join and decided to go with you guys after seeing a Facebook video ad featuring Al, your founder. He really convinced me that All of Us had my best interests at heart. I did my homework, started making some trades and found myself really enjoying the puzzle of reward balanced with risk in my portfolio. I regularly checked the leaderboard and as I made adjustments to my portfolio, I kept climbing higher. It was a great way for me to learn and have fun and make money all at the same time.”

That’s amazing! So, do you feel like you’re getting better and better?

“I do! When I won, I got a thousand dollars deposited into my account from you guys and doubled down my efforts. I could now buy even more stocks and try more strategies out. I still am checking the leaderboard regularly and am planning on winning again. Fingers crossed!”

So, you’re really into it now?

“I am. So into it that I’m trading options as well. Because you guys don’t offer them, I had to open an account with another broker to trade them, but I’m learning fast and can’t wait until you guys have them. Speaking of which, when will you have them?”

We’ll be rolling out options in the second quarter of 2021 and fractional shares in the third quarter. We hope that’s helpful to you?

“Yes, it is. What I love about trading with you guys is that I know I’m not getting ripped off or played. And even better, I love the way you’ve turned learning to trade into more of a game where I can win real money just for doing what I would be doing somewhere else, without getting paid!”

Any last thoughts?

“Just that I hope to finish number one again in November! And thank you for helping me feel like someone who can learn investing strategies just by switching my profile to public and competing!”

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