More Signal, Less Noise

Updated: May 20, 2021

Taking advantage of social tools on All of Us

What separates All of Us from the competition? Well, hopefully the name gives you a hint. While it’s true that we pay for your trades and share every revenue stream we make with you, we are also building a true trading community, where the power of our collective group of members can give any self-directed trader more signal and less noise. Sure you could, and should, always do your own research and due diligence on any trade or strategy you are considering executing, but the power of All of Us is you can see, in real time, the ideas other members are implementing and use them as your own.

For instance, if you want to know how someone in the top of the leaderboard is doing, you can see the positions they’re holding that have led to their success (assuming their profile is switched to public).

Maybe they have an exceptional return over risk ratio in place. Maybe they have a stock you weren’t aware of that they’re holding that is outperforming. Maybe they are in a sector you hadn’t considered before.

At All of Us, our members enjoy the access and information to other traders who are happy to show how they’ve achieved the position they have within our group of traders. This group-sharing is a powerful new weapon in our members’ quivers when deciding what to buy or sell.

The advantages of switching your profile to public

In order for All of Us to be as powerful and helpful as it can be, we’re encouraging all our members to switch from private mode to public. It’s really easy and should be part of the reason you’re here trading with us in the first place. The more of you that you switch to public mode, the stronger we all get. To be clear, by going public, the only information that other users will see are your positions, i.e. not the number of shares you have or the amount you have invested.

Nothing is revealed about how large your position is or how many shares you own. The only thing they see is that you own it, it’s current price per share, and its performance. Just enough information to give other members an idea of your style of investing and generate new ideas for other members.

Simply visit your profile and scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle from private (the default setting after you register) to public. It’s that easy. In doing so, you are also automatically eligible for the Sharpeshooter challenge, where you could get 10 percent of the value of your holdings every month just for participating.

While you’re in your profile, take a second to upload a picture to your profile as well. Nothing says community like being able to see everyone’s photo or avatar! Our goal is a true social network for investors, so please don’t be bashful.

Sharing the love

As a final note, did you notice you can get a share link to send to your friends? Simply click the button on your “me” page and you’ll get a link to send to anyone in your circle so we can grow our community and get more people involved in our mission. Just like it does to raise a child, it takes a village to build a community.

So please get involved and pass along our join link to help get us going. You can also share it to your social networks, or post this blog post, to help us get the word out. We want to build a community of true believers, and to do that, we need you to help us fan the flames.

Here’s a fun idea. Invite five of your friends to set up a league and see who’s top dog over the next month. It’s a whole new way to learn from one another and get your competitive juices flowing.

We built All of Us to look, feel and operate differently than any other broker out there. Hopefully, you’re finding that it truly is if you’re digging into our tools taking advantage of the signal they provide for you.

Hopefully you’re enjoying the idea that other traders and investors are getting ideas from your portfolio. As we add new products and features, we always make sure they all serve the same purpose. To strengthen and inform All of Us, the group, rather than just us as individuals. Join All Of Us, the free stock trading app on a mission.

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