Get free that’s honestly free

Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge an extra monthly fee for margin accounts or social tools like investment leagues and our leaderboard. You get them just for being a customer. Robinhood will charge you $60 a year for their “Gold” account that allows you to trade on margin and doesn’t even allow you to short sell stocks. We do. For free. Others charge  you a monthly membership fee for simple social tools. And on and on and on. We charge you zero. It’s part of the power of All of Us. Real value for being on our platform. We treat our customers how we’d like to be treated. We’re going to overshare with you. How we make money. How we earn you money. We’re going to pull back the curtain on the industry and show you all the ways the system was built against you, and you’re going to help us change that by trading with us and spreading the word to your friends. Radical transparency for a financial revolution.